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Important Information to Ensure Your Smooth Relocation

The Apartment Movers is the most experienced, recommended, and well-trained moving company in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Let us thank you for considering us for your relocation needs. 

Our goal is to serve you in the most professional and courteous manner. Remember that we are a full-service mover; we can do the packing for you. If it's not packed, we can't move it.
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Things to be Taken Care of Before Relocation

  • All boxes, plastic totes, etc., must be sealed and taped closed
  • All desks, dressers, filing cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, etc., must be emptied prior to the move
  • In the pre-move meeting, ensure a thorough inspection of items to be moved. Special handling instructions for fragile items will be discussed in detail before the crew starts
  • Lamp shades, marble slabs, mirrors, pictures, glass tabletops, etc., must be packed prior to moving, including electronics, big and small. We are not responsible for items packed and boxed by the customer
  • Major appliances such as the following must be disconnected: washers, dryers, refrigerators, and defrosted freezers
  • Have lawnmowers, snowblowers, weed whackers, etc., drained of fluids
  • The following items must be moved by you: live plants, propane tanks, paint cans, contents under pressure, flammable items, firearms, ammo, pets, or any food or contents that could be affected by temperature, such as candles, bathroom products, etc
  • Always consult the Better Business Bureau
  • Upon completion of our services, we accept cash or payment by credit card
  • Any cancellation will be subject to a 50% charge to guaranteed moves.
  • Hourly moves will be charged a 4-hour minimum for cancellation
  • Customers who are not fully prepared on the day of the move will be charged accordingly
  • If driveways or sidewalks are not complete, there must be a solid temporary walkway to the home. If there are unsafe conditions, the driver will take the items elsewhere. We will not be responsible for any damage to the furniture or flooring in the new home. If these unfavorable conditions prolong, the moving process will be charged accordingly
Moving service

Reasons for Choosing Us

  • We have all the necessary packing supplies needed for relocation
  • We will use all the necessary professional moving equipment needed to relocate your items safely
  • Top quality movers' pads, door jamb protectors, and floor runners to protect your items, banisters, doorways, and flooring
  • Your items are insured at a rate of $0.60 per pound per item and up to full replacement cost (maximum of $20,000) while the truck is in transit
  • A professional, experienced, and courteous crew to perform your move
  • Based on the items, detailed estimate, and/or visual survey


The detailed item list is recorded in a file and our prices are subject to change if items are added or deleted from the original estimate.

Any miscellaneous labor, disassembly/assembly, and packing will be done at an hourly price unless a visual estimate is made so that a guaranteed price can be given.

For electronics, always use the original boxes, if available.

Frequently, our customers call our office expressing a desire to give a gratuity. The crews greatly appreciate your generosity in these instances, but the amount of the gratuity is solely at your discretion.
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We have an A+ rating with the BBB. Get in touch with us to discuss your moving needs!
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