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Our Reputation is Built on Honesty and Quality Service

Meet the Team

Meet the Dedicated Team at The Apartment Movers

Our reputation is built on honesty and quality service. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE! Read on to learn more about the dedicated team at The Apartment Movers.
Mark merck

Mark Merck - President

I have been moving furniture in the community since 1995 and the one thing I’ve learned - the company you hire is only as good as the people that come to your door on moving day!
Sean Spiker

Sean Spiker

Sean Spiker has been part of the FM community his entire life. From playing football during his high school and college days to now moving and taking care of people’s belongings, he has always believed in giving his best. His hard work and dedication on the playing field have now transposed into the moving truck. If you’re looking for a moving company with a team mentality, look no further.
Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson’s roots have been in Fargo his entire life. Moving at times can be very difficult and stressful but Nathan and his crew will have you smiling in no time. Nathan is the most personable mover on our staff. So for that enjoyable moving experience on a stressful day, he’s just the guy. Keep us in mind for your next moving need.
Brian Quam

Brian Quam

Born and raised in West Fargo, Brian Quam has deep roots in the community, from being a star athlete in his youth to donating his time to a yearly fund-raising event for local charities. These qualities have transposed to his daily regimen. 

It’s emotionally difficult and stressful for your mother or grandmother to leave the home she raised her family in and move to a new location. Brian and his crew will make the transition just a little bit easier. Call for Brian, your local moving specialist.
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